Belle Bélier

Meet Emily and Eleanor.  Moms, career women, sustainable fashion enthusiasts.  They met in 2016 and quickly realized they had a lot in common.  Both are married to Canadians – not the same one - and between them have five kids who, as dual citizens, are lovingly referred to as Canadialings. Heck they even have the same birthday, April 18th making them enterprising and courageous Aries.


In launching Belle Bélier (pronounce Bell Bell-YAY) they wanted a name that made a statement about themselves and their love of sustainable fashion. French for Beautiful Aries, Belle Bélier speaks to their Southern roots (where the two met and live) and big personalities that live up to their zodiac sign, the fire of the ram.  They hope to spread sustainable fashion throughout the USA by handcrafting affordable pieces for everyone. 

Emily Fee



The Northern Transplant – hailing  from Connecticut - she made her way South via her husband’s city hopping career as a professional hockey coach. They’ve lived pretty much everywhere (including quite a few cold places). The Charlotte Checkers is ultimately what brought them to Charlotte and they both agree hands down it’s the greatest city ever!  Emily has a Masters in Childhood Special Education and when she’s not running Belle Bélier you’ll find her running after her kids (Colette & Wesley) or running in general (she likes to workout).

Eleanor Rodway


The OG Southern gal – a Charlotte native (yup you read that right) – Eleanor was born and raised in the Queen City.  She and her husband have three boys (Max and twins Gus and Ben).  Eleanor has an MBA and when she’s not running Belle Bélier you’ll find her running after the twinadoes who are likely chasing their big brother and running in general (she too loves a good workout).